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Frequently Asked Questions

What is eCommerce search and how does it work?

eCommerce search refers to the search functionality on an eCommerce website that enables customers to search for products they want to buy. The eCommerce search uses search algorithms to match the customer's query with relevant product listings.  

The search engine considers keywords, product attributes, and customer behavior to provide accurate search results. 

What are some eCommerce search features to look for in an eCommerce site search solution?

Some eCommerce search features to look for in an eCommerce site search solution include autocomplete, spell-check, synonym support, faceted search, search filters, and search analytics.  

These features help customers find products more quickly and allow eCommerce store owners to analyze customer behavior and improve their site's search functionality. 

Why is eCommerce site search important for an eCommerce store?

eCommerce site search is essential for an eCommerce store because it helps customers find products they want to buy quickly and easily. A good eCommerce search engine can increase customer satisfaction and sales by providing accurate and relevant search results.  

Additionally, eCommerce search analytics can provide valuable insights into customer behavior and help eCommerce store owners optimize their site's search functionality. 

How AI-powered search and relevance make your support experience smarter?

The AI-powered search brings the conversational aspect to the search support experience. The questions, follow-ups, and recommendations can all be very relevant with the help of an AI-powered search algorithm.

What are some eCommerce search solutions available for eCommerce stores?

There are several eCommerce search solutions available for eCommerce stores, including Experro, Elasticsearch, Algolia, and Amazon CloudSearch. These search engines offer advanced search functionality and are customizable to meet the specific needs of eCommerce store owners. 

How can I improve the eCommerce product search on my eCommerce website?

There are several ways to improve the eCommerce product search on your eCommerce website. Some tips include optimizing product titles and descriptions with relevant keywords, providing autocomplete suggestions and filters, using synonym support to account for different product names. 

Analyzing search analytics can help understand customer behavior and optimize search results. 

Additionally, a robust eCommerce search solution can help improve the accuracy and relevance of search results on your eCommerce website. 

What is the search depth in AI?

Search depth in AI is the total number of pages viewed after performing a search on an eCommerce website. AI-powered search module algorithm in Experro considers the user’s search history and movements. This, in turn, makes it possible to show the user-specific products.

How AI impacts the search industry?

Due to natural language processing, AI provides better and more relevant search results. This can help eCommerce business owners a great deal. This AI feature is so capable that it offers accurate results for the users.

What is personalized customer experience?

A personalized customer experience is when a user sees the search results meant for him. This is made possible by showing him the effects based on what he has searched for before.

Why is personalized customer experience so important today?

The personalized customer experience (CX) invokes in a customer the feeling of belongingness followed by brand loyalty. It also helps the customers gain added satisfaction in using the products or services. The importance of customer experience has only risen recently and will continue to grow. Therefore, it is important to focus on if you are running an eCommerce business.