eTail West 2024: Experro’s Digital and Omnichannel Success

eTail West 2024
What’s Inside
  • About the Event
  • What Were Our Objectives Behind Attending the Event?
  • Our Plans - Sponsoring & Exhibiting
  • How Did We Prepare for the Event?
  • How Did the Attendees React After Viewing Our Platform?
  • Our Home Takeaways From the Event
  • Experro's Twofold Role at the Conference – Sponsor & Exhibitor

Witnessing eTail West 2024 from February 26th through February 29th, 2024 was an amazing digital extravaganza! Here's a sneak peek into the event through our eyes!

About the Event

Believe the hype! The eTail West 2024 gathering was a nexus for professionals across the spectrum, from emerging eCommerce sellers to tech giants. It was not only a grand success but our FIRST-EVER grand successful event! 

We are excited to share these insights with you. 

What Were Our Objectives Behind Attending the Event?

Our Team at eTail West 2024

We went to Palm Springs with more than one aim. 

1. Engage with eCommerce brands and understand the hurdles to their growth. 

2. Showcase Experro's unique capabilities and better approach to achieving hyper-personalized eCommerce experience with the interactive demo. 

3. Engaged with more than 150+ brands and at the end of the conversation, all of them had valuable insights that can help them achieve their objective for 2024. 

Hands down, we must agree with one thing, i.e., receiving ❤️ and support for our platform has reinforced our commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of eCommerce brands. 

Our Plans - Sponsoring & Exhibiting

We had the privilege of sponsoring and exhibiting at this pivotal event as an eCommerce technology provider. 

The event's audience comprised individuals and eCommerce brands of all shapes and sizes from cool startups to even enterprise giants like IKEA. 

It fostered an environment for exchanging ideas, exploring new technologies, and building meaningful partnerships. 

The opportunity allowed us to engage with key players and share our insights with the broader community. We exhibited how our turn-key and Unified Digital Experience Platform is reshaping the future of eCommerce. 

This experience not only deepened our understanding of the digital commerce landscape but also reaffirmed our commitment to contributing to its growth. 

How Did We Prepare for the Event?

Our Booth At the Event

Since it was a pretty large-scale event, we prepared to our best level possible: 

  • Demo Preparation: We stand for personalized experiences so we created demos for unique brands and industries (B2C & B2B both) to help brands have a real sense of our capabilities and impact we can bring to their business. This helped them visualize how our platform could solve their business challenges. 
  • Personalization Experience: Over 500 booths presented a product with personalization capabilities. What made us stand out was the real-time working and algorithm that we showed in the demos to the visitors at our booth. We were the center of attraction because we were the only booth to display how personalization algorithm could be customized as per the business needs. 
  • AI Simulation: We think this got us extra marks! We had created an AI simulation to demonstrate how AI captures trends in real-time, helping clients visualize potential outcomes. Prospects seemed amazed at how simple we made it for them to use AI in their eCommerce business. 
  • Giveaways and Engagement: Offered giveaways like branded bottles and other merch as a token of remembrance to our booth visitors.

How Did the Attendees React After Viewing Our Platform?

Prospects Gaining Interest in Our Platform

We observed while talking to our prospects that they seemed excited about how our Unified Experience Platform worked.

Quoting one of the delegate at the booth, “Your platform has really combined all the bits of a puzzle in one thing together. To date, my team and I have always been jumbled as we need to deal with multiple vendors and providers. We are always pulling these strings together and trying to unify all platforms at once. But we feel your platform is amazing. It is a complete stack of technologies put together.” 

Our Home Takeaways From the Event

Successfully engaged and generated over 150+ leads and demonstrations by showcasing our solution. 

The overwhelmingly positive reaction from the attendees after viewing our product has encouraged us to attend more events in the future. 

Throughout the event, it became evident that everyone had their own interpretations and understanding of concepts like headless technology and digital experience platforms (DXP). But one thing that brought them all together was their excitement for the unified experience platform. 

Our presentation of the unified experience platform aimed to cut through the complexity, offering a solution that prioritizes ease of business operations and sales. Not just a component or two, but our entire all-in-one solution was the best of its breed! 

Experro's Twofold Role at the Conference – Sponsor & Exhibitor

A Successful Closure to the Event

Ours was the busiest booth with visitors dropping by all the time. Upon observing this, the eTail team came to our booth for an interview. They were keen to learn about our platform, experience of the event, and the immense response we had been receiving from the visitors. 

As an exhibitor, we not only presented our all-in-one DXP at the event but also gained confidence in its capabilities. 

After all the success that we achieved at eTail West 2024, we are all set to rock the upcoming events. To know more, get in touch with our team. 


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