Experro Headless for Shopify

Experro provides a ready-to-use and integrated solution for creating stunning and high-performance Headless Frontend for your Shopify eCommerce.

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Our experience with Shopify and Experro in creating ecommerce stores for our clients has been exceptionally successful. Experro's blazing-fast and efficient frontend, paired with Shopify's backend, has allowed our clients to create customized and personalized experiences, while also lowering implementation times. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the exceptional results we have delivered.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is headless Shopify?

Headless Shopify is a way of building an eCommerce website where the frontend user interface (UI) and the backend management systems are separated.  

In a headless architecture, the storefront and the content management system (CMS) are decoupled from the eCommerce platform. 

How do I make my Shopify store headless?

To create a headless Shopify store, you will have to use a frontend technology such as React or Angular, and connect it to the backend of Shopify using the Shopify Storefront API or GraphQL API. You can also use a headless CMS, like Experro, to manage the content of your Shopify store. 

What are some examples of headless Shopify?

Some examples of headless Shopify stores include The Hundreds, Haus, and The Sill. These stores use a decoupled architecture to provide a seamless shopping experience while having full control over the frontend design and content management. 

What is Shopify Headless Commerce? 

Shopify Headless Commerce refers to the ability to separate the frontend user interface and the backend eCommerce platform to create a more customizable and flexible online store. 

It allows merchants to have full control over the customer experience while also benefiting from the powerful features of Shopify.

What is Shopify Headless CMS?

Shopify Headless CMS uses a content management system that is decoupled from the eCommerce platform, allowing merchants to manage content separately from the storefront.

By using a headless CMS, like Experro or Prismic, merchants can create and manage content that can be used across multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps, and social media. 

What is Shopify Headless Architecture?

Shopify Headless Architecture is a design pattern where the frontend user interface and the backend eCommerce platform are separated, allowing for more flexibility and customization.

The storefront is built using frontend technology in a headless architecture, while the backend eCommerce platform is accessed using APIs. This architecture allows merchants to create a unique customer experience while still leveraging the power of the Shopify platform.