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Rapidops Inc. is one of the fastest-growing software and services company in the USA, that builds and transforms businesses using advanced technology, data, and AI. Known for their quality and unbeatable ROI, they offer fully-managed and end-to-end technology, tools, talent, and tactics to deliver on mission-critical technology initiatives.


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The Challenges

Being in the technology business, Rapidops consistently strives to offer top-notch digital experience when it comes to their website. They had previously developed one of the early headless websites, leveraging modern innovations such as Progressive Web App (PWA) and Static Site Generation (SSG), to deliver fast and rich web experiences.

Their previous website had been built by their in-house team using React.JS, Gatsby.JS, and WordPress. While the site was performing better in speed, it hindered the marketing team's ability to create, edit, and grow their content on-demand. The management of the headless tech stack, lengthy build times, and constant developer dependencies were slowing the marketing team down. The headless and composable strategy was key to future-proof their marketing and content stack, but they needed a better approach.

Rapidops set out to modernize their website stack with the goal of reducing operational burdens, granting the marketing team complete control over digital experiences, enhancing SEO performance, improving content operations across their distributed team, and providing even faster, multi-channel experiences to all prospects at an enterprise scale.

Abbi O’Donnell

Abbi O’Donnell

Sr. Marketing Manager, Rapidops

Experro Transformed Our Content Creation Journey

With Experro’s super intuitive and user-friendly interface, our content editors are now able to publish content at 5x the speed, without any need to rely on developers. We are able to build and manage our massive website, including landing pages, blogs, marketing tools, and more, all in one place. With their SEO tools and our ability to move fast, we were able to achieve rankings for 2000+ new keywords in less than 2 months.

The Solution

Experro’s full-stack digital experience platform (DXP) was chosen by Rapidops because it not only addressed all their challenges and needs, but also unlocked new opportunities. Here are the key highlights of our solution for Rapidops:

  • Headless & Composable Architecture: Experro helped Rapidops transition to a modern headless architecture, allowing for a clean separation of front-end and back-end functionalities.

  • Centralized Content Management: Our headless CMS streamlined content creation and management, ensuring efficient content drafting, editing, and publishing.

  • Marketing Team Autonomy: An intuitive drag-and-drop UI empowered Rapidops' marketing team to create visually appealing pages, landing pages, blogs, and more, without the need for developer assistance.

  • SEO Enhancement: Built-in SEO tools facilitated better optimization, contributing to improved search engine rankings.

  • Custom Tool Creation: Experro provided the ability to build free marketing tools like data assessment and AI tracker within the CMS by consolidating everything from the interface to backend data management in one platform.

  • Efficient Development Workflow: With built-in publishing environments, the development team was able to build a robust development workflow to simultaneously create multiple pages, preview them, and schedule publishing.

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Compelling mobile-first experiences

Compelling mobile-first

Complete autonomy

Complete autonomy

Improved productivity with the powerful CMS

Improved productivity with the powerful CMS

Increased traffic

Increased traffic

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Robust development workflow

Robust development workflow

The Impact

Experro's solutions triggered a significant transformation in Rapidops’ digital presence and operational efficiency. This included:

  • An impressive 38% surge in website traffic, driven by the platform’s prioritization of speed and mobile accessibility.

  • 21% increase in average session duration, indicating not only increased interactions but also longer and more engaging user sessions.

  • Content autonomy for the Rapidops marketing team through Experro's user-friendly interface and modular components, resulting in streamlined content creation and website management.

  • Boost in search engine rankings of the website’s landing pages and blogs, thereby expanding their online visibility and reach.

  • Liberated developers from routine website updates and minor content changes because of the newfound autonomy of the marketing team. This shift allowed them to channel their energy into more meaningful and impactful tasks.

Incorporating Experro's solutions accelerated Rapidops website performance, granting the team the ultimate freedom to deliver high-performing web experiences quickly and at scale, without hassle. Their digital journey has been redefined, setting the stage for continued success and growth.