Black Friday eCommerce – 14 Tips & Strategies [With Checklist]

Black Friday eCommerce – 14 Tips & Strategies [With Checklist]
Key takeaways
  • Black Friday eCommerce is a powerhouse, offering significant opportunities for marketers to boost sales.
  • Offering trending Black Friday deals helps to attract customers and create a buzz around your products or services.
  • Black Friday eCommerce provides an excellent opportunity to clear out inventory and make room for new offerings.
  • A well-defined Black Friday eCommerce strategy increases average order value and improves relationships with customers.
  • Effective Black Friday marketing campaigns lead to increased brand visibility.
  • With Experro DXP's features, brands can experience surge Black Friday eCommerce sales.

TIP – Use a headless content management system like Experro, which can handle massive amounts of traffic without downtime. 

TIP - Create A/B tests for your Black Friday eCommerce storefront. Experiment with different designs, headlines, product displays, and CTAs (Call to Actions) to improve conversion rates. 

TIP – An API-first headless CMS helps to deliver content quickly across various digital channels.

TIP – One of the effective ways of personalized marketing is eCommerce merchandising. Through this feature, you get to decide which products to keep in front. 

It can be your best-selling products, seasonal highlights, or items that align with specific customer preferences. 

TIP – The AI-powered search functionality of Experro allows users to find products quickly and helps to enhance customer experience. 

TIP – Enabling omnichannel content distribution using headless CMS is an effective approach for creating a seamless shopping experience. 

TIP - Ensure that product descriptions and metadata are optimized for voice search to increase the chances of your products being recommended by virtual assistants. 

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