Top Digital Experience Platform Trends in 2024

Top Digital Experience Platform Trends in 2024
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  • Digital Experience Platform 2024- An Overview (Latest DXP Trends):  
  • What's next in DXP? A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming DXP Developments
  • What makes Experro standout of the DXP crowd?
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Key Takeaways
  • By 2024, the digital experience platform industry is expected to reach $13.9 billion.
  • The value of the digital experience platforms market is predicted to rise at a compound yearly growth rate of 12.3% from 2021 to 2028, starting with a worth of $9.2 billion.
  • Digital experience platform trends are rapidly emerging and are likely to dominate enterprises by offering distinctive digital experiences.
  • With multichannel touchpoints, digital experience platforms improve consumer engagement.
  • The digital experience platforms trends give a great opportunity for industry development and deeper insights into customer and product experiences.
  • Digital experience platforms drive market growth by lowering organizational turnover rates.

Have you heard about the digital experience platform trends that are taking businesses by storm. If not then stay tuned, for as the change takes hold, C-suite leaders are being obliged to embrace the digital revolutions.  

All this is happening just to create outstanding customer experiences that satisfy ever-so-shifting business and market needs. There is a pressing need to adopt new business models which is mostly a result of ongoing digital disruption.  

Meanwhile, both present and emerging technologies used in today's businesses affect reimagining businesses.  The ever-so-changing digital experience trends are already stealing the spotlight in the name of “Digital Experience Platform trends.”  

This includes the popular names like digital experience platform Forrester too. 

Therefore, we worked ourselves on business and technological trends that aren't going away anytime soon. They will continue to pave the way for the acceptance of new technology.  

As you know, Digital Experience Platform or DXPs in short are known to offer one-of-a-kind seamless digital experience. In this article, we intend to throw light on the upcoming and current Digital Experience Platform Trends that businesses require to improve their consumer journeys.

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Digital Experience Platform 2024- An Overview (Latest DXP Trends):  

In case you plan to switch or are looking to upgrade your digital customer experience via heading along with the digital experience platform trends; it all starts from here... 

DXP Trends

DXP’s connect dots of Content with Customer Data  

Content management as a standalone activity currently appears completely obsolete; thus, it is viewed joining hands with other activities like marketing, sales and customer support. Consequently, development and usage of separate software for each of these domains seems no longer necessary.  

An all-in-one product merging with your tech stack, on the other hand, saves your time by eliminating the need to open several URLs and logins.  

Moreover, consolidating all client-related products and services on the DXP to operate in tandem with the company's core operations or processes sounds much superior. 

Digital Experience Platforms, or DXP’s as they are called, allow you to centralize all your customer interactions and keep track of them in one location. At the same time, it enables you to create a one-of-a-kind, personalized, and highly tailored experience for your target audiences and individual clients.  

The option to access all of your customer related information, offers, and services in one location thus provides a wonderful user experience for your prospects and consumers. Eventually leading them to keep coming back for more purchases or content (if that’s your case). 

The benefits of such an idea are self-evident as it: 

  • Provides access to extremely detailed information about consumers and their product interaction behaviors. 
  • Increases scope for personalization and customization.
  • Aligns customer experience at all phases of consumer journey. 
  • Makes customer centricity all the way more important.
  • Enforces seamless experience at the core center of all platforms and sessions.
  • Strengthens and provides better cross communication within the enterprise.
  • Encourages reuse of existing content.

Solutions with choice of diversity and individuality  

With DXPs getting the spotlight amongst B2C and B2B sectors, the demand for the use of DXP continues to expand.

Not only this, the variety of manufacturers and products offered in the market also points to the significant impact of DXP’s on them. As a result, you now can access an unparalleled number of systems and approaches to win the consumer-oriented digital experience race.  

Considering the trending term like “Multi-cloud Strategy”; software tools, cloud assets and applications are distributed across all the cloud environments that are currently accessible. This in turn lowers the downtime and simultaneously prevents mistakes from occurring.  

With a multi-cloud strategy, organizations can surely make the maximum use of the varied capabilities and tools of each cloud environment. Thus, they can avoid vendor lock-in and obtain control over their company. 

In terms of Digital Experience Platform trends, multi-cloud boosts platform flexibility and crisis management skills too. 

Additionally with the aid of so-called microservices, you may tailor the basic package of your DXP to your needs as well as to the demands of your targeted clients.  

This results in a platform that is ideally customized to your workflow and operations and leaves nothing to be desired for each firm. 

Connecting online and offline digital experiences 

It is infamous to say that long before a company attains success, it requires to have an unprecedented and ubiquitous presence on both on- and offline platforms.  

With a power packed DXP, the customer experience can be linked not just with online channels but to all channels that exist all over the world. The best part - it simply seems effortless.  

With this, you can provide your online customers with the required warranty, user manuals as well as shopping receipts just like in your offline stores.  

Not only this, but you can also provide them with exclusive offers that run within a small window of time. Thus, it ensures end to end integration for all consumer interactions. 

Content marketing and commerce on same stage  

Having content, marketing and sales interlinked and sharing the same space on DXP platforms can surely provide seamless and engaging experiences for your consumers. 

In the case of a DIY tutorial or an informational blog, you can easily link your blogs with relevant products or can put a separate compiled list for such cases in the sidebar. In this way, you can keep your content and commerce strategy on the same lane. 

QuickLinks on the other hand is another popular term for dumping all your favorite items on display straight to your shopping cart or otherwise mixing and matching different sets of items to get desired results.  

This all happens within the time frame of a single click only. Thus, QuickLinks seem way too powerful to influence your consumer’s decisions smartly.  

Don’t forget that it was never so easy before to make your consumers land directly in the shopping cart in a single session. 

Experro is one such digital experience platform that provides it all. 

Experro DXP

Massive adoption of MACH-based systems  

As the MACH Alliance grows, software solutions that adhere to MACH principles (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, and headless) will continue to be embraced by forward-thinking business companies. 

Modern businesses require flexibility and independence in order to swiftly adjust to unanticipated change while keeping expenses under control. Businesses looking for new software solutions in 2023 chose platforms that matched these criteria, and MACH-based systems (or, better yet, MACH+). 

Continuous evolution of typescript  

According to Stack Overflow's Developer Survey 2022, Typescript was the fifth most popular language among developers. It is also the second most popular language with which developers desire to work. 

Microsoft's open-source programming language is a superset of JavaScript, with comparable syntax and semantics but more productivity and efficiency. Throughout the years, a growing number of developers have chosen Typescript over its competitors, and this trend continued in 2023. 

DXP is the new customer behavior tracking wave

With technologies emerging at a rapid pace; GDPR and similar regulations have limited as well as made monitoring consumers via cookies more difficult than ever. Businesses thus, are bound to discover alternative ways to examine consumer browsing behavior and their preferences. 

Companies can fortify their consumers and web visitors to create customer accounts to stay signed in on a DXP that offers them content, online shopping or otherwise customer support.  

This allows you a chance to trace their full browsing history and platform experience across numerous sessions, bringing you fresh insights for optimization and development. 

There are so many digital experience companies that offer such features including Experro. 

Deep personalization   

Customers always value personalization and indeed crave it as it makes them feel special. Yet, marketers can no longer be happy with merely adding a customer's first name to an email. They need to do something different to turn all eyeballs. Deep personalization is the USP of digital customer experience platform that cannot be ignored. 

Epsilon collaborated with GBH Insights to conduct a study of actual consumers on 1000 US adults. Its ultimate objective was to comprehend the influence of AI personalization on consumer interactions. According to this poll, 64% of respondents expected firms to tailor their offerings. 

Personalization Poll

Source: Epsilon 

They found that consumers viewed “personalization” as… 

  • 32% Customization Services
  • 8% Specific Products & Services
  • 32% Service
  • 16% Discounts & Offers
  • 7% Convenience

Whereas Mckinsey says 71 % of consumers want personalized content to be pushed. Whereas when this is not done, they get frustrated    

Instead of relying on third-party data sources, brands will be able to use first party and zero-party data provided by their customers. Customers will expect organizations with whom they have entrusted their data to give them customized experience across different channels. 

The Digital Experience Platform market is still expanding so the numbers will only rise is confirmed. 

More focus on video content

In addition to the growing popularity of video content, marketers need to recognize the need to create concise videos or speed up videos to cater to the ever-decreasing attention spans of online audiences. Marketers will continue to use video content ranging from live to recorded video, in 2024 and in the forthcoming years. Short duration videos on platforms such as TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram have shown benefits for organizations who have experimented with it on social media channels.  

There are numerous digital experience platform vendors who are aware of its potential and thus are moving towards it. 

Even Google affirms that Gen Zs prefer TikTok videos to answer search queries rather than search engines. Expect marketers to leverage user-generated content more frequently and to capitalize on the prevalence of video content in novel and interesting ways. 

Platform consolidation with growth of multi-sites

If every brand in your business requires a website, it's more probable that they'll be supported by a single platform with a common set of augmentation services (Bazaarvoice, a unified DAM, etc.)  

Users will need more tools to guarantee that all these services work in tandem. For sites that call many services, simple "uptime checks" will not be sufficient. As a result, continuous testing will become increasingly common. 

Brands will abandon platforms that make it tough to administer many sites and would shift towards CMS’s which offer multi-tenancy. Multi-tenancy can help them achieve more of their content goals with a single tool. 

Importance of accessibility will transcend

With WCAG being the law in many places and the new WCAG 2.2 scheduled to be launched in April 2023, businesses will continue to need to redesign to bring their online content and tools in line with contemporary standards – or face penalties and litigation. 

Because accessibility is a ranking element in SEO, we anticipate more businesses to focus on increasing their accessibility capabilities in 2024. 

No-code and Low-code development

With the growth of digital transformation, there has been an increase in demand for NoCode and LowCode technologies. They are gaining popularity due to the ability for non-technical people to easily design digital experiences with no understanding of computer languages. LowCode deployment allows for less planning and development time, and additional testing time for Digital Experience Platform and CMS customers. 

What's next in DXP? A Sneak Peek into the Upcoming DXP Developments

Benefits of DXP are many. The only case is; are you ready to accept or decline it all comes back to your decision.

But here are some innovative predictions about DXP’s such as:

Hail to the King - DXP! 

When the DXP Market Volume was just about USD 8 billion in the year 2019, the market experts were predicting that it will touch up to USD 14 billion by the end of 2024. For the fact, we are already witnessing this halfway through.  

The sole cause behind this is the wide variety of benefits that DXP’s bring along to grow any SME business.  

In some time, no matter how much any business avoids, DXP’s will make everyone kneel to them whether it’s a small or a large enterprise, all will face an unmanageable situation in handling the big amounts of data coming across from different lanes or channels. 

To continue to be more successful than one’s competitors, DXP’s are essential, especially when it comes to online presence or e-commerce. 

Continuous Adaptation: with evolution of Micro Services

Online marketing and ecommerce have seen many software and systems come and go. It's quite normal that if a software stays or is meant to stay in the race then it needs to bring something new to the table.  

While developing Digital Experience Platforms, manufacturers deeply focus on the flexibility and adaptability in its modular architecture. So, no matter what technology comes the architecture is able to work along with various tech stacks. 

Digital experience platforms carry a simple framework that features a wide range of components that are used as per the user’s needs and are known as microservices.  

Which further points to the future where Digital Experience platforms will stay up-to-date and keep thriving. It will absorb and will continue to integrate new technologies without a failure. 

AI for Optimized Consumer Experiences: autonomous A/B test for increased Conversion

Streamlining customer data, content as well as the online store altogether on a Digital Experience Platform means that you may link and utilize this information as effectively as feasible. 

Streamlining customer data, content, and the online shop on a Digital Experience Platform means that you may link and utilize this information as effectively as feasible.  

In the upcoming years, DXPs will be so much improved that they will autonomously customize the customer experience across all channels by leveraging AI and machine learning. Furthermore, the systems will run analysis and A/B testing on their own to generate the greatest potential conversion rate with even better recommendation algorithms. 

Prepare for 2024 and Beyond with Experro – Centralized Software Platform 

Without the right set of technological tools and services you cannot expect your business to succeed in boosting sales.  

To provide the best-in-class digital experience by utilizing all that the DXP trends offer; one merely requires a composable CMS that leaves room for the developer to choose and work around the technologies required and simultaneously eases up the jobs of marketers. 

Experro being a composable commerce CMS, is specifically designed to cater agility, scalability, and security for future-oriented brands that strive to make a measurable difference. It is best suited for brands looking for flexible cloud options. 

With MACH based architecture, Experro provides improved flexibility and speed up processes; It lets you walk along with the latest trends while being completely adaptable and ready for any new changes that may introduce themselves in future. Stay ahead with Experro and mark the difference. 

What makes Experro standout of the DXP crowd?

As a personalized, fully composable and AI based Digital Experience Platform that allows you to build and customize the site that too with no code solutions, Experro stands as an excellent choice for many SME’s. Experro delivers speedy yet memorable ecommerce experiences that are customized to each visitor. 

This is all due to its easy-to-use UI/UX that lets you control the product interaction experience from start to end. With the headless CMS, impressive Visual Site Builder, AI based Search and Merchandising options Experro, offers the best-in-market Customer Data Platform that tags along Marketing Automation and more such features on a single platform. 

Its large array of partners come along with their respective microservices making you feel at ease all the time. Whether it's Content management, Content marketing, or providing best-on-web customer services, Experro has got your back for real.  

At Experro, companies from all rounds of industries can optimally find the right tools and add-ons that suit their as well as their customer’s needs. Experro provides solutions that straightaway mingle with your Tech stack without any hiccups.  

If you seek to build a blazing fast website or headless ecommerce store with Digital Experience Platform Trends oriented self-sufficiency tools, Experro is the game winner for you! 


We picked the trending technologies of 2024 that are about to rule the DXP world; we hope we added some value to your insights regarding the same. Here’s a link in case you also want to know about the best digital experience platforms in the market. 


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